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hello from audiopolis!

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PostPosted: Tue 13/Sep/2011 01:29    Post subject: hello from audiopolis! Reply with quote

hi friends, my name is cj denecia, AKA audiopolis rex. from ... felix asked me to post here to tell ya'll what we do at audiopolis and I'm happy to oblige my new friend.

we review recorded music on our site. we score the songs from a number of tick box questions and write text reviews about what we hear. some members write just a few short words and others write hundreds and hundreds - all from their own individual point of view.

the results of these reviews are tabulated by our review engine database and corresponding chart placement is created.

we offer no special prizes for doing well, nor any penalties for poor showings. we simply give honest reviews (critiques) of the music we hear and hope that musicians benefit from these reviews. we strive for truth in the expression of these reviews and all that put songs into our system should know in advance that we aren't a place that will simply tell you your songs are great or that they aren't based on favoritism or advanced knowledge of who it is that is being reviewed. the reason? all reviews are blind. the reviewer doesn't know the name of the song or the name of the band as he/she listens, scores and writes.

all styles of music are welcome.

all who sign up and upload songs are encouraged to take part in reviewing as well as receiving reviews.

anyone who wants to sign up to simply review is welcome. though many of our founding members are quite good at reviewing music, no experience is required. all you have to able to do is decide if you like one song over another and by how much - and to tick boxes about various aspects of the song and performance. it helps to be able to express what you like, what you don't and what you'd do to improve the songs but you can simply describe in about 20 words whether you liked it or not and why.

nearly all of us are english speaking only but we do welcome the global community and will do our best to accommodate other languages. we ask that you have patience in communications with us and we will do the same with you if you do not speak english.

we encourage you to take part in our site, in our system. we know that what we are doing with these reviews can be a valuable tool for the independent musician that wants to improve their songwriting, performance and productions.

plus, it can be a lot of fun. try it - who needs big label A&R people? who needs the so called professional reviewers who only love you if you are already famous or todays next big thing? we welcome all and we promise that if what you want are honest opinions about your songs - we are the place to be.

thank you for your time and thanks again to felix for offering us the friendly link exchange to promote each others projects and endeavors.

best regards,

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